About Us

Our work brings us pleasure

We are a team of two friends who decided to turn their own hobbies into the business. Capturing electronic cigarettes has become something more than just a habit or a way to relax. For us, this is the whole culture we are trying to convey to all our customers. GrooVape.com is an online store of E-Cigarettes, E-liquids, Box Mods & Vaping Accessories. We guarantee high quality products and prompt delivery to any city in the USA.

Our Missions:
1. Take care the customers in any way possible.
2. Provide the highest quality products possible.
3. Bring the best quality products at the lowest possible price.
We believe respect, trust, and sincerity are three most important factors that drive us successful.

We know all about Vapes

An electronic-cigarette nowadays is also referred to as a “personal vaporizer” or a “Vaping Device” – the vape community prefers not to call them electronic-cigarettes as Vaping has evolved well beyond the original electronic-cigarettes. Regardless, it is an electronic device that can be used to vaporize an e-juice based on propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which is often flavored and may contain nicotine.

The invention of the electronic cigarette concept dates back to the 1960s, from a rejected American patent, so the industrial models we see today have originated from an invention by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. For some people, Hon Lik turned his back on the independent a few years ago by selling his patents to a tobacco company. Though some other people, feel he would only have encouraged the transition of the tobacco industry to produce reduced-risk products regardless.

Today there are countless options of Vaping device styles and designs, but the many of the reputable brands are easily identified.